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First Standard Insurance Broker is an Insurance brokerage firm that first thinks about you and your business and helps with getting you the best insurance brokerage services that suits your needs.

Our experts have been trained not only to get you the best deal for your money but assist you in understanding what your insurance policy can and cannot do and also why you would need them.

We pride ourselves as a company that values the transformation of the new age with a wealth of experience through the years, therefore, making us your best friend to handle your insurance claims.

We have a first-hand connection to leading insurance firms and our Job is to get you the best policy at affordable prices as well as speak for you when the needs arise.

We first think of you that is our First Standard.

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To Be The Leading Insurance Broker That Provides Insurance Services Equitably, Recommending Appropriate Risk Management Approach To Individuals And Corporate Clients

To Perform A Unique Risk Management Proportion For The Satisfaction Of Clearly Defined Needs & Benefits Of Our Clients

Why First Standard Insurance Brokers?

FIRST STANDARD INSURANCE BROKERS is a professional organisation having its affairs run by expert managers that have distinguished themselves in various spheres of life.
We are registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria with RC No. 448520 dated on the 13th day of May 2002.
FIRST STANDARD INSURANCE BROKERS transact substantial volumes of business with companies within Nigeria and beyond.
Our clientele spans across the major industries including but not limited to:
Aviation, banking & finance, construction & engineering, gas & energy, service industry, shipping and haulage, power sector, public sector and government.

Our Operation

24x7 Support

Our Experts awaits your calls or mails because we have our thoughts always with you.

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Easy Claim System

We only work with the best Insurance Firms who have only your interest in heart at a discounted rate

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Aviation Insurance

First Standard’s air travel Insurance entails the passenger are getting travel insured. Therefore, the air carrier’s air travel insurance policy with First Standard takes up the responsibility to reimburse the insured of unforeseen risks that may occur during the travel period.

First Standard’s Aviation Insurance relates to mishaps as regards the aircraft in itself and air travel insurance.

Our Aviation Insurance covers your aircraft itself on the following basis…

Marine Insurance

Marine Insurance guards against unforeseen issues associated with sea vessels and sea travels. These complications that warrants you getting a coverage like our marine insurance can be caused by fire outbreak, pirates on the high seas, storms or any form of mishap which may lead to total or partial damage to sea vessels, your property or persons on board such vessels. 

Considering the potential of such mishaps can be devastating and it is highly recommended that owners of the sea vessels and passengers on-board the sea vessels to be protected with a marine insurance such as ours.

Energy & Oil and Gas Insurance

First Standard’s Energy & Oil and Gas policy for companies such as yours in the Oil & Gas sector, which has been one of the most thriving sectors of the Nigerian economy recording well over 70% of its revenue to the Nigerian government over the years.

Our Energy & Oil and Gas Insurance cover provides for your loss or damage occasioned by any of the following typical perils blow-out, fire, explosion…

Health and Life Insurance

First Standard’s Life Insurance is a contract binding the insurer (Company or Individual who acquires a cover) in consideration of a premium paid by the insured (Individual who gets the cover) wherein the insurer undertakes to pay an agreed sum of money pending the death of the insured or on the expiration of a specified period.

What differentiates Life Insurance from other forms of Insurance policies is that unlike others, the event insured against ‘death’ is sure to happen. However, the timing remains uncertain.

Our life assurance policies are with value proposition which are offered by First Standard Insurance Broker ONLY

Motor Insurance

First Standard’s Motor Insurance is advisable to have as it is one of the most risky forms of transportation especially in Nigeria today. This consists of a contract wherein one’s desired insurer assumes the chances of any loss to the vehicle owner (herein referred to as the insured). Such losses include but are not limited to fire, theft, accidents, damage….

Personal Asset Insurance

Property Policy:

First Standard’s Personal Asset policy also known as Property policy has the main objective to reinstate or replace the property damaged due to fire or an insured peril.

Our Property Insurance cover helps to compensate the insured person for loss or damaged to his personal asset so that he is placed in the same financial position after the loss has occurred.

All Risk Coverage

All Risk Coverage:

First Standard’s allrisk contract or open perils policy offers you coverage and protection from all risks or perils that could damage your home or contents and personal property unless the risks are excluded specifically in the policy wording.

Our All Risk Coverage Insurance as the name implies covers “all risks” of theft, loss or accidental damage to property insured. This insurance is the widest form of cover especially for property, however not all kinds of risks can be covered as there are exceptions.

Our Clientele

  • Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency Government Institution

  • Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Nigerian Government Institution

  • First City Monument Bank Financial Institution

  • Air Peace Aviation Institution

  • Accident Investigation Bureau Government Institution

  • Central Bank Of Nigeria Government Institution