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Motor Insurance

Our Motor Insurance - Complete Protection Designed For Car Or Vehicle

First Standard Car Insurance

First Standard’s Motor Insurance is advisable to have as it is one of the most risky forms of transportation especially in Nigeria today. This consists of a contract wherein one’s desired insurer assumes the chances of any loss to the vehicle owner (herein referred to as the insured). Such losses include but are not limited to fire, theft, accidents, damage. Strict regulations have been laid out by the government on the Motor Vehicle Third Party Insurance Act 1945.


First Standard Types of our Motor Insurance Cover

  • Commercial Motor:  Category of vehicles covered include Buses of all types including Own  goods, Bullion vans, Ambulances, Trucks and any other vehicle not being  part of private cars.
  • Private Motor: Vehicles covered under this type of cover include cars and jeeps of different makes
  • Motorcycle:  Covers all kinds of motorcycles.

First Standard Forms of our Motor Insurance

  • THIRD PARTY ONLY COVER: This is the minimum type of motor insurance, legislated upon to provide indemnity to policyholder against legal liability to Third parties for death, bodily injury and property damage arising from the use of motor vehicles. Government makes this class of insurance compulsory through the legislation known as the Motor Vehicle (Third Party) Insurance Act of 1945.
  • THIRD PARTY FIRE & THEFT: This policy provides indemnity against damage by fire, external explosion, self-ignition or lightning, burglary, housebreaking or theft in addition to the cover provided under the Third Party Only cover.
  • COMPREHENSIVE COVER: The most popular type of cover under Motor Insurance is comprehensive insurance cover, which in addition to the cover provided under the Third Party Fire & Theft, will also indemnify the policy holder against loss or accidental damage to the insured vehicle. Covers under this policy are regulated by a statistical table of rate known as ‘‘tariff” which is approved by the Government.

Group Personal Accident Insurance

Extended to cover:

  • Medical expenses for personal accident
  • Temporary or Permanent Disablement or Death

Key Benefits of having your Motor Insurance covered with First Standard Insurance Brokers

  • First Standard Insurance Broker are experts in the market and have a talent for finding the best cover at the best price for you.
  • First Standard Insurance Broker is independent and works with a carefully selected group of insurers that we have regular contact with and are usually able to secure exclusive deals for you.
  • First Standard Insurance Broker would always have an expert dedicated to you everytime to help with the breakdown of the technicality of the policy we helping you manage.
  • First Standard Insurance Broker efficiently helps with difficult bespoke cover for high value or collectable items, especially obtaining a personalised quote at the best rate for you.
  • First Standard Insurance brokers have expertrate who are uniquely equipped to save you money when shopping for your next insurance policy.

  • First Standard Insurance Brokers offers you the peace of mind, the knowledge, experience, and trustworthiness every client deserve to enjoy when acquiring their policy or while still active.

  • First Standard Insurance Brokers deals with a wide range of products and services and are qualified to recommend the policies that best suit your needs from a broader portfolio of options.

  • A claim with First Standard Insurance Broker means that you have a professional on your side when choosing the best policy for yourself and your family and business.

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