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Our Oil and Gas Insurance - Complete Protection Designed For Nigerian Oil and Gas Companies

First Standard's Oil and Gas Insurance

First Standard’s Energy & Oil and Gas Insurance companies such as yours in the Oil & Gas sector, which has been one of the most thriving sectors of the Nigerian economy recording well over 70% of its revenue to the Nigerian government over the years.

The major activities undertaken in the oil and gas industry include exploration, exploitation, production, oil and gas processing. Crude oil refining and marketing petrochemical products, transportation, etc. the activities can further be brought under two main areas of activity namely: off-shore and on-shore.

Our Energy & Oil and Gas Insurance cover provides for your loss or damage occasioned by any of the following typical perils blow-out, fire, explosion, collision, pollution, extreme environmental conditions, structural mechanical failure, employee risks grounding.

oil and gas insurance
  • Hull Insurance: This marine insurance will cover loss or damage to the vessel itself or its machinery. It provides you (Vessel Owner) cover against loss or damage to the vessel itself or its machinery insured caused by perils of the seas, rivers, lakes or other navigable waters.
  • Cargo Insurance: This marine insurance will cover loss of or damage to goods carried on your vessel. The valued insured includes the value of the cargo itself. The increased value, commission. Freight prepaid and customs duty
  • Freight Insurance: This marine insurance relates to the cost of transporting the goods or hiring the vessel. Freight could be prepaid (i.e in advance) or it could be paid on the safe arrival at the port of destination of the vessel and its cargo.
  • Liability insurance: This marine insurance covers loss or damage to an insured vessel as a result of collision constitutes, one of the dangers covered under Hull Insurance. However, it does not protect the insured against liability arising as a result of his vessel negligently colliding with and causing damage to another vessel.

Key Benefits of having your Oil and Gas Insurance covered with First Standard Insurance Brokers Limited

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  • First Standard Insurance Brokers efficiently helps with difficult bespoke cover for high value or collectable items, especially obtaining a personalised quote at the best rate for you.
  • First Standard Insurance Brokers have expertrate who are uniquely equipped to save you money when shopping for your next insurance policy.

  • First Standard Insurance Brokers offers you the peace of mind, the knowledge, experience, and trustworthiness every client deserve to enjoy when acquiring their policy or while still active.

  • First Standard Insurance Brokers deals with a wide range of products and services and are qualified to recommend the policies that best suit your needs from a broader portfolio of options.

  • A claim with First Standard Insurance Brokers means that you have a professional on your side when choosing the best policy for yourself and your family and business.

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